Approaching the ever-shifting retail & CPG landscape

Transformations fail roughly 75% of the time and fall flat from within the company for an assortment of highly predictable reasons.

At the Navio Group, we support transformation initiatives in 3 important ways to guard against stalling out.





We believe analysis and insight gathering is critical to transformation efforts because it’s the foundation and vision from which strategy operates.

The formula is simple: come up with key questions and answer them with a mix of numbers, market knowledge and customer experiences.

The insights that follow paint a clear customer value proposition, identify opportunities, and outline the changes needed within the business.



Critical initiatives go to top executives.

What comes with it is a sea of materials, communication needs, cross-functional engagement, and follow-ups…all on a timeline of “ASAP”…on top of the daily management of the business.

Organizations tend to forget: Management capacity is a finite resource.

Our work focuses on leading cross-functional programs powered by a small, agile team of talented individuals who work alongside existing teams.


Business management pioneer, Peter Drucker, often said “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” and we firmly believe in this idea. With a transformation a weekly email or pulse check just does not cut it.

If a company’s vision will be realized, it needs the organization engaged and measuring “engagement” is tricky.

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