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Navio (or nao in Old Spanish) was the primary ship used by early Spanish and Portuguese explorers during the Age of Discovery. Their design made them ideal for navigating through uncharted waters to unknown territories.

Just like the navios of old, we help clients navigate the challenges of a transformation. With multi-disciplinary expertise from technology to store management, we help you build and lead programs to drive transformations and fuel growth.

Carlos D. Castelán​

Carlos D. Castelán

Founder & Managing Director

Before founding The Navio Group, Carlos was a Partner & Chief Strategy Officer at Conlego, a premier negotiations and … partnership firm. There he advised on growth strategy …

Kate McDonald

Kate McDonald

Senior Principal

Kate is a former Principal in Target Corporation’s corporate strategy group in Minneapolis, MN …

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Doug Touche


Doug Touche is a Principal at The Navio Group and prior to consulting Doug worked at NextGuest Technologies …

Jadesola_Arowolo Headshot

Jadesola Arowolo

Senior Analyst

Before joining The Navio Group, Jadesola built her career in retail in merchandising and operations roles at Office Depot and …


Marco D. Castelán

Senior Advisor

Marco D. Castelán is the Senior Principal at The Navio Group. Before joining The Navio Group, Marco was a Partner & Head …



Team 2

Groceryshop 2021: Three takeaways from Day 2

There’s no hangover here in Vegas despite the year plus layoff from large, in-person interactions in the world of retail. After wrapping up a content-packed first day we moved into the second day of the conference where we tried to capture new themes that emerged.

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Team 3

Groceryshop 2021: Three takeaways from Day 1

There’s an odd comfort to the restart of the conference circuit in Las Vegas after a year and a half of the pandemic – and many cancelled events – which signals some return to normalcy. In that spirit, like in past years, we aim to provide a quick recap of some key themes we heard throughout the day to pass along to readers unable to attend.

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